Song of the Coffle Gang

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Canto di schiavi, messo in musica da George W. Clark, musicista bianco curatore del songbook anti-schiavista“The Liberty Minstrel” (1844) ed autore delle musiche di alcune delle canzoni contenutevi.
Il brano appare anche nella raccolta del 1848 intitolata “The Anti-Slavery Harp”, curata da William Wells Brown (1816-1884), un afroamericano nato in schiavitù nel Kentucky, fuggito al nord attraverso la “Underground Railroad” (di cui egli stesso fu guida) e diventato poi un importante scrittore, commediografo, storico e figura di spicco, insieme a Frederick Douglass del movimento abolizionista.
See these poor souls from Africa,
Transported to America:
We are stolen, and sold to Georgia, will you go along with me?
We are stolen and sold to Georgia, go sound the jubilee.

See wives and husbands sold apart,
The children's screams! - it breaks my heart;
There's a better day coming, will you go along with me?
There's a better day coming, go sound the jubilee.

O, gracious Lord! when shall it be,
That we poor souls shall all be free?
Lord, break them Slavery poker - will you go along with me?
Lord, break them Slavery powers, go sound the jubilee.

Dear Lord! dear Lord! when Slavery'll cease,
Then we poor souls can have our peace;
There's a better day coming, will you go along with me?
There's a better day coming, go sound the jubilee.

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子供たちの悲鳴! -それは私の心を壊します。

おお、優雅な主よ! いつになるか、

親愛なる主よ! 親愛なる主よ! 奴隷制度が終了するとき、

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Song of slaves, set to music by George W. Clark, white musician curator of the anti-slavery songbook "The Liberty Minstrel" (1844) and author of the music of some of the songs contained therein.
The song also appears in the 1848 collection entitled "The Anti-Slavery Harp", edited by William Wells Brown (1816-1884), an African American born in slavery in Kentucky, who fled to the north via the "Underground Railroad" (of which he himself he was a guide) and then became an important writer, playwright, historian and leading figure, together with Frederick Douglass of the abolitionist movement.

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