Someday We'll All Be Free

Language: English

Lyrics & Music by Kenn Gordon and Mark Coleshaw
Album: Voice Of Resistance

A historical note about those that have left Irieland and their decencants return looking for the freedom that still does not exist..
I have walked the streets of Dublin in the snow and the rain
I've watched the coffin ships load the people just like grain
They died in their thousands while England she did sleep
Not one of her promises did she ever keep.

The crops they have failed, there's nothing left to eat
They tried all they could, but the famines got them beat
They watched their wives and families die out in the rain
And they waited for England, but they waited in vain..

Some lived by the law, some died by the gun,
And more Irish heroes spent a lifetime on the run
For Irelands freedom the fought and they died
And no one can say from injustice they'll hide.

In the graveyards of France and in Belgium as well
There's thousands of crosses where the Irishmen they fell
In all of the wars mankind did fight
The Irish you'll find on the side of the right.

They travel back to Ireland in search of their past
In the small towns of Eire they find a home at last
And they learned of the hardships faced by those left behind
And found out today they only change it is time

Now we'll walk a million streets in a thousand different towns
All over this wide world the Irish they'll be found
So come all of you Irish and sing aloud with me
Let's shout to the world some day we'll all be free.

So come all of you Irish and sing aloud with me
Let's shout to the world some day we'll all be free.

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