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Album "There's No Power Without Control"
We never asked for war
Nor in the deepest darkest corners of our minds
Can we contemplate its eternal horror?
Carnage incomparable, human squander
It's neither sweet nor fitting
Fighting; a senseless call to arms

Through lifeless eyes I can still see
The bombers flying over
Bombing the path to peace
Who condones this bloodlust?

The skin of my face sticks to the cold concrete
My blood siphoning from my body by fellow man

I can still feel the shrapnel searing limbs
I can still breath but the gas burns my lungs
I can still speak, asking, but there is no answer
I can still smell life's sweet aroma
But now I can taste death
I can hear God calling
But ceremony is short

Greater men? Greater wars? Were they scarred
Scared, lonely as I for lost cause?
When fear is spent, I feel the numbness that makes me
long for cold caress

It's over, cruel finality that disallows family
Love, useless lamenting lost chances

Welcome my lord, farewell my love

We never asked for war.

Contributed by Alessandro - 2010/2/8 - 10:45

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