The Honest Arms Merchant

Peter Hicks
Language: English

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Testo di / Lyrics by Petere Hicks
Musica di / Music by Geoff Francis

Un'altra canzone scritta al momento della crisi di Timor Est, nella quale si accusa Tony Blair di vendere armi al governo indonesiano. Ma il buon Tony ne avrebbe combinate di ben altre, nel tempo a venire...

"Within hours of the result of the East Timorese independence ballot being announced, the evil Tony Blair had despatched an underling to Jakarta - to offer to sell the Indonesian government more arms! We're used to some evil things from reptile politicians - but can anybody cap that?"
I am an honest merchant and the finest of my trade,
Anywhere you'll find me where there's fortunes to be made,
My reputation's all I need to open any door -
For I can sell you all you need to start and win a war.

There's no job that's too big for me, and none that is too small.
Missiles tanks and land-mines - I produce them, one and all.
My ethics are above reproach, I can tell you that with pride,
As long as you can pay my price, I'll sell to any side.

From the first day I set foot on Earth, I made progress my slave.
The long-bow, sword, and musket - every weapon had its day.
But for you it's so much simpler, push a button on your desk,
Sit back and watch in comfort as my warheads do the rest.

In Iraq and then in Serbia, my claims were put to test,
To demonstrate beyond a doubt my products are the best,
To strike a hospital or school or home, no matter where,
Or blow to hell a church or mosque while on their knees at prayer.

Through boom times and recession, my output always grows,
An economic downturn is a thing I've never known,
They'll cut back hospitals and schools whenever times are tough,
But as for what I'm selling - they can never get enough.

Yes, I am an honest merchant, and the finest of my trade,
Anywhere you'll find me where there's fortunes to be made.
So work hard, pay your taxes, it's the proper thing to do,
For I know that all my riches come from decent folk like you.

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/8/4 - 12:27

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