No More Three Mile Island

Niss Puk Band
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Album “No More Nukes”, Folkways Records

Come All Clear in Harrisburg di Tom Paxton, una canzone dedicata all’incidente che accadde nel 1979 nella centrale nucleare di Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, vicino ad Harrisburg.
Benchè sembra che non vi siano state conseguenze dannose per la salute dell’ambiente e dell’uomo, quell’incidente fu molto grave perché si determinò la fusione parziale del nocciolo del reattore (la cosiddetta “sindrome cinese”) con il rilascio di una quantità significativa di radiazioni. Si pensi che ancora oggi il reattore è blindato e sotto costante osservazione.

Se penso a Scajola, Berlusconi, Ratzinger e a tutti i nostrani nuclearisti da strapazzo, mi viene un incazzo…
Starless sky arches over Three Mile Island nuclear power plant
Minimizin' appeasement policy can't remove the paralysin' suspense
of people, pierced through by fear of radiation, fleein' from
the unalterable events
if the unborn generation will be atom cripples, who's gonna be
responsible for it in the end

Oh, how close we were to a nuclear disaster,
as the impossible accident happened in the dawn
early dawn

Apocalyptic visions of human future grew in the awareness
of the population
See their helpless rage against the growin' cancer of radiation
Officials had no idea what to do against the radioactive cloud
if the Harrisburg plant would have melted down
melted down

I was only about two hundred miles away from Harrisburg
as the impossible accident happened in the dawn
early dawn

Agents of death are worshippin' the contamination of air, water
and land
their arguments maintain, that this burden of engineering progress
has to bestanded
denyin' the nuke catastrophe, that broke out in the Soviet Union,
concealed from CIA
an area of thousand square kilometers ravaged, impossible to
live in during the next few hundred years

From Big City's Neon World to the remotest shore
We won't let it go on once more
one more time

We don't need no more Harrisburg
We don't need it anymo.o.o.ore

Nevertheless dozens of Nuke plants continue to operate further on
'though up to now technological problems and their effects can't be solved
profit interests of the nuclear industry, without scientific
or moral control
seem to be more important than a devastated environment at all

So shut down all nuclear power plants
for our children's sake, give 'em a healthful chance
healthful chance
The memento of 75,000 people moved a long way to Washington
personal sacrifies, weapons of serious apprehension, they
put into peaceful protest songs
avalanche of solidarity based on well-balanced scientific opin-
ions, which can't be wrong
advantages of nuclear energy as an incalculable risk,
it was exposed

That what happened in Harrisburg
could happen again anywhere else
anywhere else
"Meltdown! Nuke Leak! Evacuation!" gushed forth newspapers
and magazines
in the beginning I couldn't figure out, what it was all about
incredulously I starred into the troubled faces of my Village
Vietnam's over! Cuba Crisis' gone! But old as hills anxieties
are still existin' on
existin' on

There was no way for me to get out of New York Town
so I took my guitar and wrote that song
wrote that song

We don't need no more Harrisburg
We don't need it anymo.o.o.ore

Contributed by Alessandro - 2010/1/28 - 13:06

Ben 18 centrali EPR (quelle che dovremmo acquistare!) in Francia sono ferme per guasti o incidenti e proprio in Francia, paese spesso citato a modello, si sta aprendo un'inchiesta sulla radioattività intorno alle centrali!
Il nucleare è una vera e propria truffa che gli italiani non vogliono, come dimostrano le oltre 20 mila firme raccolte dai Verdi solo nello scorso week-end, durante le primarie dell'Energia.

Nucleare: ecco i criteri. Prima pietra nel 2013 (

giorgio - 2010/1/29 - 08:06

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