Guantanamo Bay

David Rovics
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Testo e musica di David Rovics
Lyrics and music by David Rovics
For the moment
For the moment

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"Our government is torturing them, too" -David Rovics.

A quanto mi risulta, è l'unica canzone sinora presente in tutte le CCG che parli dello scandalo dei prigionieri della base di Guantánamo.

So far I know, it's the only song in the AWS collection telling about the Guantanamo base prisoners scandal.

(Riccardo Venturi)


Forse quando e' stata inserita... ora ce ne sono molte altre, ad esempio la bellissima X-Ray Sun.

(Lorenzo Masetti)
The conquistadors came with their sabres and guns
And they raped and they slaughtered until they were done
They hacked and they killed and left no one alive
Then they brought in the slaves who they allowed to survive
Welcome to the New World, you could hear the men say
As they sat on the shores of Guantanamo Bay

And after four hundred years independence was short
That's just how it is with a deep water port
The battleships came and they never left shore
Tasting the conquest, they just wanted more
The sign it said welcome to the US of A
In the Republic of Cuba, Guantanamo Bay

Past the barbed wire fence and the field of mines
You can see the men who left their families behind
To burn 'neath the sun to be tortured and killed
Where their stomaches are empty and their spirits are grilled
If you're looking for freedom this is the price you must pay
It's written in blood on Guantanamo Bay

The vultures they circle at ease overhead
The living may live and the dead will be dead
the time it may come in this tropical heat
That they'll have to go somewhere else to eat
Maybe a storm will come wash it away
But still the guard towers glitter on Guantanamo Bay.

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/6/29 - 14:06

Bonne continuation.see also\voir aussi: "GUANTANAMO BAY" song by J.D.SAGE at >

J.D. - 2007/4/11 - 17:36


Bellissima vignetta di Dave Granlund (riportata da Internazionale n.792/2009) che sintetizza magistralmente cosa farà la nuova amministrazione Obama rispetto all'accertamento delle responsabilità degli agenti federali coinvolti nelle torture ai presunti terroristi catturati dopo l'11 settembre 2001.

Il cartello recita: "Amnistia per gli agenti della CIA responsabili degli interrogatori"

"Fiuuu! L'attesa del verdetto è stata una vera tortura!"

Alessandro - 2009/4/26 - 16:53

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