Wankin' in a winter wonderland

Masturbate for peace
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Joyful moans, are you list'nin?
In your hand, cum is glist'nin
We'll keep peace in sight
as we beat tonight
Wankin' in a winter wonderland!

Gone away, bombs and conflicts
Here to stay, lube and hard dicks
You twiddle your clit
and war takes a hit
Wankin' in a winter wonderland!

In the meadow we can build a snowman
Then pretend that he's a general
He'll say, "Are you fighting?"
We'll say, "No, man!
We're cumming for the greatest cause of all!"

Later on we'll conspire
With our loins all a-fire
We're stamping out hate
as we masturbate
Wankin' in a winter wonderland!

When you cum, ain't it happy
Though your pubes get all chappy
We'll frolic and play
the onanist way
Wankin' in a winter wonderland!
Wankin' in a winter wonderland!

2005/6/11 - 17:51

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