Bad Dream 2009

Rude Corps
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Lyrics and Music by Neil O'Brien

A revised version of my anti-nazi rant, Bad Dream (2004). Apart from tidying up the mix, I've re-recorded the vocals and replaced the crappy fake 303 with some crappy live guitar.
There's a Nazi on my doorstep talkin' 'bout rights for whites
He's just an ordinary man - with an ordinary life
But he's read in 'The Sun' How immigrants scrounge off the state
And this awful injustice fills his eyes up with hate
He's heard one side of the story. Now he's made up his mind:
"Enough is enough", he says -"It's time to draw the line!
We've got to take action before were ruined for good!
We've got to punish the traitors and purify the blood
of the British Nation, you know, once we were great
But the liberals and the lefties went and opened the gates
To the niggers and the Paki's and now were being swamped
So we've got to fight back before our nation is lost." – Yeah...


(Why not?)

And I wonder if this bloke is being wilfully blind
'cos he's ignoring the facts and just parroting lines.
He may not know their meaning but I certainly do:
– Enslavement of the masses for the benefit of the few –
Yes you'll always know your place - in line with the rest
Saluting the flag while the leader tells you you're best
Though you yourself are nothing unless you're serving the state,
They'll tell you you're a free man and treat you like a slave.

And the nation will be united beneath the fascist élite
And the whole world will fall down at our feet
And the glory will be undying though you won't see it on the street
And Britannia will rule –even while we're asleep...

It's just a dream.. (It's just a dream)

It's just a bad dream.. (–It's just a bad dream)

Yes, it's a nightmare (A nightmare)

This Nazi scheme.

It's just a dream –

It's just a bad dream.

My nightmare –

A fascist regime.

You see, all the world's problems come down to this:
All the wealth and power are tied up with privilege
Violence and theft are the means employed
In no way does freedom confer a right to exploit.

The National Front and the BNP
Don't seem to understand they're barking up the wrong tree
But they serve the purpose of the ruling elite:
They divide the have-nots and leave us weak..

So how long will it take..

Before people see..

There can be no freedom..

Without equality..

No freedom!

Contributed by giorgio - 2009/12/19 - 13:07

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