Rachel Corrie

Mike Stout
Language: English

Album: War and Resistance
Lyrics & music by: C. Michael Stout
W.A.R.: War And Resistance

Rachel Corrie a 23 year old college student from Olympia Washington, was murdered by a bulldozer driver on March 16, 2003 in Rafah Palestine. She stood in the path of an Israeli army bulldozer trying to prevent it from destroying a Palestinian home. Other non-violent international activists who witnessed the murder said the bulldozer driver was aware Rachel was there and intentionally destroyed the house and her. He dropped sand and heavy debris on her, then pushed her to the ground and drove over her. Rachel was in Gaza opposing the bulldozing of Palestinian homes as a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement. In her emails to her parents before the incident she described the plight of hundreds of innocent families who homes and businesses have been bulldozed. Rachel's death, made the U.S. papers for two days and then disappeared. Despite the fact that eyewitnesses claim it was deliberate murder the U.S. government and the media are silent. A congressional resolution demanding an independent inquiry is buried deep in committee and the Israeli military cleared itself of any wrongdoing. Mike’s song “Rachel Corrie” is a tribute to Rachel’s commitment to peace and her courage. The Guardian wrote of her "Whether or not one agreed with her and the International Solidarity Movement to which she belonged, Rachel emerged as a woman prepared to put her body where her mouth was."
Rachel Corrie was a warrior for peace,
She gave her life inside the Middle East,
Young activist woman from the USA
Non-violent soldier in a hostile fray
Her only weapons were her faith and her solidarity..

Rachel left her family, friends and culture behind,
All the privileges that come to her kind,
To be a human shield protecting innocent lives
On a killing field where vengeance resides
She did not yield instead defied - with a spirit that shined.

Where the bullets, tanks and bulldozers roar,
Up against a force whose only recourse is war,
There she stood so good, courageous and bold,
Like Fanny Sellins or Mother Jones of old.
She gave her body, heart and soul - just like them before.

They said she was crazy, she had a lot of nerve
She never should have been there, she got what she deserved.
But sometimes with justice, words ain't enough
Knowing means going to the front lines with love.

She got no medals, no press or TV
Some even said she was the enemy.
Young activist woman from the USA,
Non-violent soldier in a hostile fray,
Her only weapons were her faith and her solidarity...
Her humanity... Her humanity...
Her solidarity...
Her humanity…

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