Baghdad Blues

Sabena Boys against the War
Language: English

They send their planes to the rising sun
Destruction tonight
They got no food for the starving babies
But they give them light
For many bombs flash into the night
U.N. tries to lie
They write freedom in blood red types
They justify the fight

And they are waiting for the end of the day
Hide their face from the sun
They wait until ev’rybody is the same
Darkness’s their secret weapon, boy

But one day flowers will cover this soil
And its booty, booty, booty
And that day these flowers will suck all the oil
Booty, booty, booty

They justify the fight

Baghdad city, the day of the prophet
Muezzin watches the sky
But Holy Mahomet won’t come by jet
It’s another B-2 flight
They show no compassion, show no respect
Cos’ they know what’s right
They’re so precise when they strike a target
Science is on their side

2005/4/7 - 16:18

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