Ballad of Cindy Sheehan

Black 47
Language: English

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Album "Iraq"

"The gutter press, the talking heads on TV, the DC chicken-hawks, they all did such a job on this woman that I was a bit leery meeting her. Was she really just another egomaniac looking for attention? But those planted fears faded away in the warmth of her smile and the firmness of her handshake. All I saw was an American mother trying to stop this madness before another women loses her son."
(Larry Kirwan from Black 47)

Cindy Sheehan perse il figlio Casey, ucciso il 4 aprile 2004 durante il servizio militare in Iraq. Da quel momento la Sheenan divenne uno dei volti e delle voci più note del movimento contro la guerra.
Si veda anche la canzone di David Rovics Song for Cindy Sheehan.
The sweetest light shines from a child’s eyes
Take it away there’s a void
That’s why I gave up my hearth and my home
To testify against this cruel war

I didn’t want to be part of history
I was happy enough back home
If only I had my Casey beside me
Instead of hearing his voice forever on heaven’s telephone

Your girls will never see Samarra
Diyala is far from their minds
But Casey only had eyes for his country
He never doubted your voice or the difference between truth and lies

I don’t always say what I mean
Though I try to express what I feel
If only my words kept your boys and your girls alive
I could ignore all of the hate and the lies

You didn’t serve when you were called on
You chose to stay at home
If only my Casey had followed your choices
I wouldn’t lie here at night waitin’ for heaven’s telephone

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