Guantánamo Bay

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Music based upon "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay" (© 1967 Steve Cropper/Otis Redding)
Lyrics by The Compassionate Conservatives
Original release 10-May-2004
Last remixed 08-Jun-2004

Before the lurid photos of those wacky kids from Abu Ghraib finally made the rounds (despite the oh-so-gentle GOP's desperate efforts to squelch them), there was -- and still is -- Guantánamo Bay. Serving as a permanent home-away-from-home for wayward children and other "enemy combatants", Guantánamo was the first bold experiment in how to handle prisoners in the indefinite War on Terror® without having to be held accountable to rules of international law.

God might bless America and our worldwide network of secret jails, but apparently He doesn't care too much about those lost souls at Guantánamo Bay, including obvious-non-terrorist Sean Baker who was beaten within an inch of his life during an "interrogation" training exercise.

Further debunking Bush`s lame "bad apples" explanation is the Pentagon's infamous "torture memo", penned by Bush buddy Jay Bybee who provides legal arguments on how to circumvent laws that ban torture. (Michael Froomkin, professor at the University of Miami School of Law, offers a educational analysis for those who might not have the time/inclination to pore through the entire document.) NEWSFLASH (24-Dec-2004): Cuban publication Granma published an article describing experimentation upon prisoners housed at Guantánamo Bay. - Compassionate Conservatives.
Sitting in this tiny cell
I've been sitting in my private hell
They got their ways of making me talk
But I don't have anything to tell

Locked up at Guantánamo Bay
Watching the weeks roll away
Locked up at Guantánamo Bay
Wasting time...

I went back to my home in Kabul
Looking for my wife and son
The soldiers put me in shackles
And they wouldn't say what I'd done

Locked up at Guantánamo Bay
Watching the years roll away
Locked up at Guantánamo Bay
Wasting time...

Looks like nothing's gonna change
I'm stuck here drowning in my shame
I just do what these people tell me to,
Got no choice or they leave me black and blue...

Sitting here with broken bones
They beat me then they leave me alone
Eight thousand miles from home
No family, friends, or telephone

Locked up at Guantánamo Bay
My whole life has been stripped away
Locked up at Guantánamo Bay
Wasting time...

I grew up in Afghanistan
I've always been a peaceful man
I wasn't with the Taliban
Why don't you try to understand?
Mohamed can you see me now?
I'd pray but I've forgotten how
Just tell these thugs to leave me alone
And help me find my way back home...

2004/12/15 - 19:35

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