Не стреляй

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The song “Don’t Shoot!” is about the owner of a shooting gallery and is clearly a song about Afghanistan, the Soviet Union’s last war.
Не стреляй в воробьев, не стреляй в голубей.
Не стреляй просто так из рогатки своей.
Эй, малыш, не стреляй и не хвастай другим, что без промаха бьешь по мишеням живым.

Ты все тиры излазил народ удивлял, как отличный стрелок призы получал.
Бил с улыбкой не целясь, навскидку и влет, а кругом говорили:
"Вот парню везет."

Не стреляй!
Не стреля-а-й!
Не стреля-а-а-а-а-а-й!
Не стреля-а-а-а-а-а-й!
Не стреляй!

И случилось однажды о чем так мечтал.
Он в горящую точку планеты попал.
А когда наконец-то вернулся домой,
Он свой старенький тир обходил стороной.

И когда кто-нибудь вспоминал о войне,
Он топил свою совесть в тяжелом вине.
Перед ним как живой тот парнишка стоял, тот который его об одном умолял:

Не стреляй!
Не стреля-а-й!
Не стреля-а-а-а-а-а-й!
Не стреля-а-а-а-а-а-й!
Не стреляй!

Contributed by Mario Ferrero - 2009/9/12 - 20:04

Language: English

Versione inglese / English version

Don’t shoot at sparrows, don’t shoot at pigeons,
Don’t shoot from your slingshot for no reason.
Hey, kid, don’t shoot and don’t brag to others,
That you can hit living targets without missing.

You cleared the whole shooting gallery, shocked the crowd,
You received prizes as a sharpshooter,
You fired with a smile, randomly, reflexively, and from the hip,
And everyone around said: “There’s a lucky man!”

Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!
Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!

And one day it happened, something so dreamed about.
He was sent to a burning spot of the planet.
But when he finally returned home,
He avoided the old shooting gallery.

And when someone remembered the war,
His conscience was buried in heavy guilt.
Before him, as if alive, that boy stood.
He implored that boy for one thing:

Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!
Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!

Contributed by Mario Ferrero - 2009/9/12 - 20:05

Shevchuk is highly critical against the undemocratic society that has grown in Putin's Russia.

On March 3, 2008 he participated in a Dissenters March in Saint Petersburg, against the president elections where no real opposition candidates were allowed to run.

On September 24 and 26, 2008 he organized two peace concerts in Moscow and Saint Petersburg as a protest to the Russian-Georgian war. The name of the concerts "Don't Shoot" was taken from his song "Ne Strelyai" that he had written in 1980 as a response to the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

Together with his band DDT, he performed with both Ossetian and Georgian musicians, as well as the Ukrainian band Bratya Karamazovy, that he called peacekeepers. Parts of the profits from the concerts were given to those who suffered from the war, both Ossetians and Georgians.

Mario Ferrero - 2009/9/12 - 20:10

C'è un errore di logica rispetto all'originale russo che io conosco molto bene... nell'ultimo verso qui si scrive "he implored that boy for one thing" o qualcosa del genere, ma in realtà non è lui che implora il ragazzo, è il ragazzo che implora lui, come è abbastanza chiaro dall'originale e del resto è anche ovvio...

Francesco - 2010/7/30 - 12:11

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