Dear Uncle Sam

Loretta Lynn
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LORETTA LYNN: "'Dear Uncle Sam' I wrote when Vietnam was in real bad shape. I kind of put myself in the place of some woman or girl who lost her husband or boyfriend. Many have that I've known."

(Dorothy Horstman interview, Nashville, TN, 30 May 1973; reprinted in: Sing Your Heart Out, Country Boy, New York, NY, 1976, p. 271)
Dear Uncle Sam, I know you're a busy man,
And tonight I write to you through tears with a tremblin' hand.
My darling answered when he got that call from you.
You said you really need him, but you don't need him like I do.

Don't misunderstand, I know he's fighting for our land,
I really love my country, but I also love my man.
He proudly wears the colors of the old red, white and blue,
While I wear a heartache since he left me for you.

Dear Uncle Sam, I just got your telegram,
And I can't believe that it is me shakin' like I am,
For it said, "I'm sorry to inform you..."

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