Strade d’appennino

Fiamma Fumana
Language: Italian

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The Apennine mountains are the memory lane of Emilia Romagna. They have seen the yearly passing of the shepherds, that spent winters in Tuscany and came back in May to Emilia, begging their food and paying villagers with songs, often devotional ones; during WWII they have looked on the fighting between the Nazi and the partisans, and a lot of suffering of the civil population. The speaking voice interspersed with the song belongs to Alberto's aunt Liliana Delmonte, the sole survivor of a small village in the Apennines south of Reggio Emilia, whose inhabitants were exterminated by Nazi elite troops on the night of June 24th 1944. The theme is based on an Icelandic traditional song
Strade di Appennino immobili sospese sulle valli
Pure l’aria e la luce, dura la fatica di chi cammina
Strade di devozione e questua, dei pastori a maggio
Di parole d’ amore semplici da custodire in cuore
Strade di Appennino, strade di casa
Strade di odio e rastrellamenti, di uomini nascosti in agguato
Di donne che donano tutto il poco, di dolore e orgoglio
Strade di Appennino, strade di casa
Strade di Appennino dormono e sognano le nostre vite
Pure l’ aria e la luce, puro anche il ricordo di chi passato

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