Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?

The Offspring
Language: English

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Album "Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace"


"Kristy is about sexual coercion/molestation and is based on a true story. When I was younger, I knew a girl that was abused. I don't know whether I am the first musician to write about this subject, because it is obviously very delicate and anything but easy to make a song about such a complex theme. I also think or hope that this song speaks to other victims and can help them to talk or come out about their problem"
(Da un'intervista al frontman degli Offpring, Dexter Holland, pubblicata da una rivista musicale tedesca)
There’s a moment in time
And it’s stuck in my mind
Way back, when we were just kids

Cause your eyes told the tale
Of an act of betrayal
I knew that somebody did

Oh, waves of time
Seem to wash away
The scenes of our crimes
But for you this never ends

Can you stay strong?
Can you go on?
Kristy are you doing okay?
A rose that won’t bloom
Winter’s kept you
Don’t waste your whole life trying
To get back what was taken away

Though the marks on your dress
Had been neatly repressed
I knew that something was wrong
And I should have spoke out
And I’m so sorry now
I didn’t know
Cause we were so young

Oh, clouds of time
Seem to rain on
Innocence left behind
And it never goes away

Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/8/13 - 15:10

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