Smart Bomb

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WYSIWYG (What You Give Is what You Get)
Chumbawamba WYSIWYG
Rain on me o friendly fire
Smart bomb!
Me 'n' Audrey gonna sing it for ya
Smart bomb!
A headache pill to die for
Smart bomb!
From all participating stores
Smart bomb!
Smart bomb!
Shine on me o benign virus
Smart bomb!
Uranium from Arms-R-Us
Smart bomb!
Here's something for your first-born
Smart bomb!
George Bush Junior, sing-along
Smart bomb!
Smart bomb!
You mean you're telling me here when you get coffee you have to pay for each cup?
Donny is that a high-end cut or a mid-range cut?

Contributed by DonQuijote82 - 2009/6/1 - 22:49

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