People See Through You

Bruce Cockburn
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Bruce Cockburn - People See Through You

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Album "World Of Wonders"

Bruce Cockburn

La canzone fu scritta da Cockburn dopo essere entrato in contatto con il Sanctuary Movement, un movimento costituito da centinaia di organizzazioni religiose (cattoliche, protestanti ed ebraiche) che nel corso degli anni '80 era impegnato ad offrire rifugio negli States a coloro che fuggivano dal Centro America insanguinato dalla repressione e dalla violenza politica. Il Sanctuary Moverment entrĂ² presto in rotta di collisione con l'amministrazione Reagan, che fece di tutto per intimidire gli attivisti persino attraverso irruzioni dell'FBI nelle chiese e l'arresto dei leader, i reverendi John Fife e Jim Corbett...

"The Sanctuary Movement in the U.S. bloomed during the Reagan years, a graphic testimonial to the gap between the grassroots honour and compassion of the American people, and the stated aims of military-industrial foreign policy. The FBI (or someone like them) was going around breaking into churches (!), stealing documents and trying to scare people. Secret police acting just like secret police."
Bruce Cockburn in "Rumours of Glory 1980-1990" (songbook, Ottawa 1990)
You've got covert action
Prejudice to extremes
You've got primitive cunning
And high tech means
You've got eyes everywhere
But people see through you

You've got good manipulators
Got your store of dupes
You've got the idiot clamour
Of your lobby groups
You like to play on fears
But people see through you

You've got instant communication
Instant data tabulation
You got the forces of occupation
But you don't get capitulation
Cause people see through you

You've got the sounding brass
You've got the triumph of the will
You do what you want to
And we pay the bills
you hype the need for sacrifice
but people see through you

You've got anti-matter language
Contrived to conceal
You've been lying so long
You don't know what's real
You're a figment of your own imagination
And people see through you

You've got lip service tributaries
You've got death fetish mercenaries
You hold the tickets to the cemetaries
You're big and bad and scary
But people see through you

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