Ballad of Anne Frank

Johnny McEvoy
Lingua: Inglese

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Sachsenhausen Lied
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What did you dream my love, my love, that woke you from your sleep
I dreamt I saw the soldiers, again march up our street
I saw them in their uniforms and their boots of shiny leather
And I knew when they came to my front door the day would go no further

And the wind blows cold from the Zider Zee and Amsterdam is weeping
But Vincent's tears can't wash away the shame that we are feeling
And what did you dream my love, my love, that keeps you now from sleeping
I heard the soldiers on the stairs, in foreign tongues that they're speaking
And they took me to the railway yard where the carriages were waiting
For on their sleeve was a crooked cross, on my heart was the Star of David

What did you dream my love, my love, there are tears upon your pillow
I saw the chimneys in the east and the black smoke from them billows
And it slowly swept across the land 'til it covered every nation
But no one heard my lonesome cry or came to my salvation

So sleep my love it's over now, it's time that you are leaving
The morning stars are fading fast, there's no more time for dreamin'
For the sun will warm the earth again and dry up all the sorrow
The flowers that faded yesterday will bloom again tomorrow

21/4/2016 - 03:19

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