The Children of Auschwitz

The Gray Fantastic
Lingua: Inglese

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words&music:Steven Damian
'oh dear Mum, why is it so dark?
and where are they now taking us on this awful stinking train..?

Standing up among one thousand lives
a thousand displaced people who will never make it back..

We are arriving to s station now, daddy is pushed away..
to the right!! a Doctor said..
Mom and I sent to the left, why do we have to separate?
we are herded just like cattle to their fate...

Through a stony and windy foothpath we now stumble on..
I raise my eyes and see above
the sky shaped like a veil upon..

In the clear of a forest we are resting, in suspicion..
far away we see smoke rising
and our fears start arising..

Once again I'm naked with my mother
like the day when I was born..
in a room we are just hundreds
waiting showers to turn on..

Instead of water comes out like a gas
which suffocates my lungs
through the smoke I see a shining smiling Angel
he takes me by the hand and in a flash
he brings out to breathe
to an open field of grass
I see flowers.. I feel life!

"We are the children of Auschwitz
Don't you forget about us
our souls are just like the flowers
shunning Evil from the Earth"

"Child give me your hand
that I may walk in the light
of your faith in me.."

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