The Hypocritical Song

Rob Maxtone Graham
Lingua: Inglese

Author: Rob Maxtone Graham
Tune: The Hippopotamus Song by Flanders & Swann
A pair hypocritical,
They got out their guns,
Down by the old Khyber Pass.
Their target hermitical,
A web it was spun,
An' they rally us all to “kick ass”.
So when Laden’s ‘binned’
And our puppets are in,
Our mighty new pipeline we'll lay.
We'll teach 'em & tax 'em,
An' sell them Big Macs, an'
Then, once again we can say..........

Oil, Oil, glorious Oil,
Nothing quite like it a war to embroil.
So follow me, follow,
Let's cause some more sorrow,
An' then we can wallow,
Whilst Earth we despoil.

Our pretext political,
To save 'ghanistan;
Let's rid the world of these guys.
But the reason's so critical,
To sell heaps of cans;
That's Global Trading's disguise.
And back in the west,
We'll cop our invest-
ments -- all the way to the bank.
We never forget to
Cause third world debt,
'Cos we've got Mammon to thank.....for.....


Our aims parasitical,
How easy we're led
To back an unholy crusade.
But blessed by Leviticals,
It's gone to our heads;
We'll not stop till Osama's been Laid --
To rest as a martyr,

So then we can barter
Cheap lives against what we purvey.
We move in like vultures,
And trample on cultures,
Just looking for ways to decay……….


No matter the critical
Opinion polls,
The twins are at it once more.
They spout Jesuitical,
Whilst stoking the coals
To boil up the cauldron of war.
Again, it’s that Saddam,
We sure should’ve had him,
Chased all the way to Baghdad…..
But Bush’s ol’ pappy,
He came home unhappy,
So Dubya’s insanely goin’ mad for….


Emerging so pitiful,
From a hole in the ground,
Crushed by imperial might.
They check if he’s nitty-full,
Whilst probing around,
The Media proclaiming the sight!
The Yanks cried “We got him”,
The world replied “Sod him!”,
“Your pile of used notes is no use.”
“We’ll get your wells pumping
And profits a-jumpin’,
Now he’s locked up, we’re let loose…on…”


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