Just a Note (the Exile Song)

Ewan MacColl
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Ewan MacColl e Peggy Seeger, con la produzione di Charles Parker della BBC Radio
Da “Song of a Road”, secondo capitolo delle Radio Ballads composte tra il 1958 ed il 1964 da Ewan MacColl per la BBC Radio

Song of a Road

“Song of a Road” era dedicato alla costruzione della prima autostrada in Gran Bretagna, la M1, da Londra a Leeds
“Just a Note (The Exile Song)” è dedicata agli operai irlandesi che lavorarono in quell’impresa.

Just a note for time is short dear.
Hard the work and long the day,
But my heart is with you, Mary,
Though I'm many a mile away.

Kiss the children for me Mary,
Do not let them pine or grieve.
Tell them how I'm working for them,
Why our home I had to leave.

Building dams, airfields and factories,
Moving concrete by the load —
But I'll be with you in November
When I'm finished on the road.

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