This Is Me

Lingua: Inglese

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Young James Dean

This old highway is just a lonely patch of blue and gray
And late at night my memory obfuscates my line of sight
And in my mind I really had no choice, the stars were cold
In my eyes they hung there in dark skies, just still and cold

The wheels of this pickup are rusted and cracked
The lines are uneven, there is no turning back
This is me
All that I am
You will see

The noble mind, it traps four pieces of the heart inside
We came in twos, and two by twos it seemed of little use
We felt the rain, our faces cold and pale, the colors drained
The oceans grew until we floated on a deeper hue

You will become a stranger, you will seize all the land
You will breach the other, count the hours, spill the sand
This is me
All that I am
You will see

A little star of brilliant hope in skies of black we are
And Danish blue is the color of your eyes in June
For many days I've woken with head pains, my eyes ablaze
You never knew because I never told you

The hours of the day wonder how they've been spent
The creases on the bed grow deep, I've made my descent
This is me
All that I am
You will see
All that I have
This is me

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