Hiding in the Ammunition Van

Chloë and Jason Roweth
Lingua: Inglese

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Una canzone appresa dall’informatrice Maysie Tucker di Salt Ash, New South Wales.
Nel disco intitolato “The Riderless Horse - An Australian Impression of World War 1” (2004) in cui i Roweth, musicisti australiani, hanno raccolto più di 30 canzoni e poesie dal primo e dal secondo fronte durante la Grande Guerra.

Canzone che racconta di disertori (questi poco accorti, visto che si vanno a nascondere nel carro delle munizioni!!!)
Le sue versioni sono molteplici perché il testo fu ripreso dalle truppe australiane durante la Grande Guerra, ma l’originale risale alle guerre anglo-boere di fine 800… C’è poi un riferimento a Timbuktu e alle truppe francesi e quindi anche alla dominazione francese nel Mali.
Have I been in battle? Have I been in gaol?
Did I die for England? Listen to my tale.
One good Friday Tuesday, down in Timbuc-three,
I was with my regiment, I was there with me.

Me and three more corporals ‘neath the broiling sun
Went to view the battle - after it was won.
Twenty thousand Frenchmen raised the battle cry,
But while the boys were fighting, where, oh where was I?

I was hiding in the ammunition van!
Midst the shot and shell I’ve been,
While me comrades fought as comrades ought,
I was nowhere to be seen.

I was covered over with the flag
Listening to the din and strife,
And when the war was o’er, out once more,
And that’s how I saved my life!

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