The Devil Wore a Crucifix

Sydney Carter
Lingua: Inglese

The devil wore a crucifix.
"The Christians, they are right",
The devil said, "so let us burn
A heretic tonight,
A heretic tonight."

A lily or a swastika,
A shamrock or a star
The devil he can wear them all,
No matter what they are,
No matter what they are.

In red or blue or khaki,
In green or black and tan
The devil is a patriot,
A proper party man,
A proper party man.

Whenever there's a lynching
The devil will be there -
A witch or an apostle,
The devil doesn't care,
The devil doesn't care.

He'll beat a drum in China,
He'll beat it in the west.
He'll beat a drum for anyone.
A holy war is best,
A holy war is best.

The devil isn't down in hell
Or riding in the sky.
The devil's dead (I've heard it said)
They're telling you a lie.
They're telling you a lie.

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