Homeward Bound Soldier

September 29th
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Olgostin
Album: And Back to New Orleans No.2

The homeward bound soldier
Was found in the morning
Lying on the ground
To his friends he said
He couldn't move
"Today I'm happy
But tomorrow I will be sad again
For things never change with me
I win a battle,
But lose the war.."

The homeward bound soldier
Looked up at the sky
And thought:
"I'd love to have a cup of coffee
I miss the taste of coffee."
And when it started to rain
He prayed in vain
That he could feel again
The raindrops tickling his skin
Just heard them
For war has swallowed up
The colors in everything...

The homeward bound soldier
Was found in the moonlight
Lying on the ground
His epitaph just read:
"Today I'm dead
But tomorrow, you'll see,
I'll be back again
To the cornfields
And the paths I used to walk.
When I was just like you
A person just like you...

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