Walk Out Of Jerusalem

Jack Chernos
Lingua: Inglese

Testo e musica di Jack Chernos
Lyrics and music by Jack Chernos

"This is a song of peace and reconciliation. This is not a song about which party is the oppressor or the oppressed, who is more virtuous, or who has been more wronged - but that does not imply that gross imbalances and injustices do not exist, for they most certainly do (and so the forms and extents of "walking out" must also differ significantly). Jerusalem is not simply a place. It is also a metaphor for histories, cultures, values and ideals. May it soon become the international city of peace its name portends." -Jack Chernos
Two women claim one infant child
And the court will rule the sword shall divide it
But if neither one relents as the long blade rises
Might neither be worthy, might neither be righteous?

Two people claim an ancient land
When but one is all that graces the planet
So man, woman, child, the violence rends
As if the retribution coming could bring the retribution's end

Walk out, walk out
Walk out of Jerusalem
Walk out, walk out
Walk away to save the land you're of

Two women claim an infant child
But if loves guides both, the child is foremost
Not to own or conquer, but in honor for others
May we all be children of the love of many mothers

Walk out, walk out
Walk out of Jerusalem
Walk out, walk out
Walk away to reach the land you're of
Walk away to reach the land you're of.

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