The Power Is Yours

The Redskins
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "Neither Washington Nor Moscow"

Let's get this situation sorted out!
We're so polite
It makes me want to shout
We waive the everything we want
An' take the nothing we already have
An' I'm waiting on hold
For something to blow ...

All is in reach & as clear as day
Yet the smallest move
Remains a mile away
So we while away
Going nowhere bit by bit
An' it just seems
We can't get round to gettin' round to it
Sometimes it makes me ache ...

Someone once wrote
All the world's a stage
But the truth comes written somewhat different on my page
I know this script's fixed from the start
Cos ordinary men & women only get
Supporting parts
An' I'm waiting on hold
For something to explode

We spend our lives
Waitin' for
Someone other than ourselves
To make a move

We always do
We do
We always blow it
I know
You know
I know you know it but ...

I keep on coming back because
The power is yours

inviata da Alessandro - 20/2/2010 - 11:20

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