Mel Gibson's Iraq

Plans And Apologies
Lingua: Inglese

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Tony Blair: Fucknut
(Plans And Apologies)
Gracias a la vida
(Violeta Parra)

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They fastened Blair to the leather-bound chair
and took it in turns to cum in his hair.
Then they smeared him in lubricants, slid his gimp-suit back on
and cut the tips from their cigars.

Blair was ecstatic,
getting his bum felt by Rumsfeld.

Donald said to George,
“You’re a filthy-minded whore,
but you’re the one that I adore,
please, darling, can I have a war?”

George said, “Sure,and what is more
we’ll prove what our America stands for.”
Then they slammed Tony’s dick in the drawer.

Tony was ecstatic
because increasing greed is what the world needs!

And we were going to do something about it…
but there was something on TV.

The three of them agreed that there were several things they’d need
in order to eventually successfully succeed;
George said, “If this war’s to be won
we’d better hire Mel Gibson -
best re-writer of facts I ever seen.”

They picked up the phone, but Mel was not at home.
He was busy making his new film about the British invasion of Rome.
They got through to a secretary on set it Vatican City,
she passed them onto Mel who said, “Hello?”

George was impressive - practically persuasive,
Don raised his eyebrows and Mel’s retort
was to the point and short;
he’d help direct the war as long as he could report
all terrorists were Englishmen, all Englishmen were in the Taliban.
George said, “Maybe one day,” and Tony thought

that if his mouth hadn’t been chained up,
he would have got up and wished them good luck!

And we would have done something about this
but there was something on TV.

Afghanistan had not really gone to plan.
They realised now that their error
had been in hiring Joel Schumaker.
Box office had turned out poor;
Don went four weeks without a whore,
they weren’t about to let that happen again!

This time around, Mel’s direction was sound.
The media lapped the fiction up as people were mowed down.
Mel was hailed as a hero,
he won an Oscar and two Golden Globes.
George and Donald celebrated with fellatio.

And we were going to do something about it
‘cos there was bullshit on TV

I never wanted to sing about politics,
I never thought I’d write a song like this,
but then George Bush got into power.
Prior to that, I was happy writing songs about girls and flowers, yip!

inviata da Alessandro - 8/9/2007 - 22:29

the complete lyrics

Thanks a lot!

22/11/2007 - 16:15

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