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(Mani Matter)
(Linard Bardill)
Kurdistanim zor ciwane


A revolution is underway in Rojava, Northern Syria. A new ecological and democratic system is being built on the basis of gender and culture equality.

After the so-called IS was successfully pushed back by the self-organized population of Rojava, Turkey now attacks Rojava. Together with jihadist mercenaries, the Turkish army carries out a massacre with the aim of smashing the revolution.

Let us not allow this to happen!

The civilian population in particular is suffering from the invasion. Tens of thousands have been displaced, injured or killed.
S isch Cuba i de 50er, Vietnam i de 60er
Nica i de 80er, aus hätt mä kes Gedächtnis
Blueme wachse ire hoffnigslose Lääri
Neoliberali Gärtner gseh jedi aus ä Gfährdig
Weisch no früecher, wo me Angscht het gha vom IS?
U gseit, dr Fride chunnt dür z’Demokratisiere?
S’isch wi vergäässe, doch zwüsche denn und ize
Lige 2 Jahr u 1000i kurdischi Milize
O wenn i gärn id Ferie gange wär uf Istanbul
I cha nid entspanne ire Diktatur
I üs aune singt dr Tenor vo dr Zit:
«was wosch mache gägä Geopolitik?» Doch
Wenni es Biud drzue male u du’s drucksch uf ne Pulli
Si ne chouft fürne Fufi und ne treit a dr Uni
Und dr Cash uf Rojava geit, heimer meh gschafft z’häufe
Aus d’Nato und dr Uno-Sicherheitsrat zämä

Das hie isch für aui
Kurdinne und türkinne vo Amed bis Kobane
Wo nie wärden ufhöre bis glychbehandlig reau wird
Für die wo kämpfe dert wo di ideau illegau si
Mit nid erloubte nachname i dr verbottene sprach
Während Europa sech vo dr Migration wott bewahre
Diktatur lat la machen und die verbräche nid ahndet
Für aui Nistimans, wo sech uf Piste wage
Dr Chopf erhäbe wüu ds läbe säuber isch widerstand
Für aui Zehra Dogans häb dini Stimm
Hie in Sicherheit während si dert ihres läbe riskiert
Mir gäben aues für si wüu si gäben aues für üs
En anderi Wäut isch müglech, Rojava dr Bewyys

Es git ke Fründe, usser d Bärge
Dr Priis für Verrat wird pro Schuss verrächnet
D Revolution vo de Froue macht aute Männer Angscht
Si hebe sech a Waffe, Religionä, are Bank
Los wisi redä, gierig luege, sech sorge
Koloniaumachtinteresse vo Weste bis Norde
Es isch Winter u Chrieg -
U i läbe imne ständige vom Chrieg-profitier-Gebiet

Dir sit dört, mir si hie, vo dumme regiert
Dir sit starch, mir hei angst vor syrische Familie
Im erpressbare Westä si Vöukerrächt Lilie
Wo schön usgse, und ab und zue no gäbig si
Solang dr Kampf um Rojava am läbe blibt
Het ds Patriarchat ä Gägnerin, ds System chli Gägewind
Mir si viu u si lut u dänke geng a öich
We die wo chönnte nid wöi, isch das aus womer hei

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Lingua: Inglese

Traduzione inglese dai sottotitoli del video
It's Cuba in the '50s, Vietnam in the '60s.
Nica in the '80s, as if no one had a memory
Flowers grow in a hopeless void
neoliberal gardeners see each as a threat
Do you remember when you were afraid of the IS?
And said peace comes through democratization?
It's like it's forgotten, but between then and now
Lying two years and thousands of Kurdish militias
Even if I would like to go on vacation to Istanbul
I can't relax in a dictatorship
In all of us the tenor of time sings:
"what are you gonna do about geopolitics?" But
If I paint a picture with it and you print it on a sweater.
she buys it for a Fuffy and wears it to college.
and the cash goes to Rojava, we have managed more to help
When NATO and the UN Security Council joined forces.

fighter, the person who sacrifices himself to the mother, you do not leave us unavenged, fighter, fighter, at the hands of the bloodsuckers, fighter

This is for all Kurds and Turks from Amed to Kobane.
That will never stop until equal treatment becomes real
for those who fight where these ideals are illegal.
with prohibited surnames in the forbidden language
While Europe wants to protect itself from migration
Letting the dictatorship make and not punishing the crimes
For all Nistimans, who dare on the runway
Raise your head, because life itself is resistance.
Raise your voice for all Zehra Dogans
Here safe, while she's risking her life there.
we give everything for them because they give everything for us
another world is possible, Rojava the proof

fighter, the person who sacrifices himself to the mother, you do not leave us unavenged, fighter, fighter, at the hands of the bloodsuckers, fighter

There are no friends, except the mountains
the price for treason is charged per shot
the women's revolution scares old men
they hold on to a weapon, religions, a bank.
just talking, looking greedy, worrying.
Colonial power interests from west to north
it's winter and war
and I live in a constantly war-profitable area
you are there, we are here, ruled by stupid ones
You are strong, we are afraid of Syrian families
in the blackmailable West, international rights are lilies
that look beautiful and are still useful from time to time
as long as the fight for Rojava remains alive.
the patriarchate has an opponent, the system some headwind
we are many and loud and always think of you
if those who could don't want to, that's all we've got.

fighter, the person who sacrifices himself to the mother, you do not leave us unavenged, fighter, fighter, at the hands of the bloodsuckers, fighter

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