What Are You Fighting For

Youth Brigade
Lingua: Inglese

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Youth Brigade
You say you fight for feedom
You say you fight for peace
The army's there when we nee'em for our security
I say you fight to kill
I say you fight from hate

You fight because your stupid
Seek glory in this state know your enemy
What are you fighting for
There's a skinhead
There's a punk
There's an oi boy
There's a jerk try to be different

Yet you end up the same keep on fighting
Things will never change
Is that the way because it had to be
Or is it just your fuckin' mentality
Do you hate them for the color of their skin
Or perhaps the country that thy were born in
Descriminate, annihilate is this the virtue of a rational man?

Fight for life
Fight for your rights
Be an individual never lose sight
Knowledge is the way to see
Ignorance is your enemy

15/3/2018 - 22:49

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