Christmas 1914

Keegan McInroe
Lingua: Inglese

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A Good Old Fashioned Protest

A Good Old Fashioned Protest

This is a protest against war. It is also a protest against and comment on a number of other ills.

It is a protest for unity, compassion, reason, action, and love.

I lend my voice to the chorus of voices around the world calling for a peaceful, humane, respectful, enlightened tomorrow.
It’s Christmas 19 and 14
And I’ve been fighting two months
In what they’ve called 
The Great War

And the horrors I’ve known 
In these trenches
No man should know
And certainly no boy.

But yesterday 
We awoke to the Germans 
Singing old carols 
We all know so well

And we joined them
In song and in greetings
And we met in the middle 
Were many friends fell

And we exchanged
Simple gifts with each other
I got some tobacco 
And a nice German schnapps

And a game of football
Was played there
In the cold bloodied soil 
They call no man’s land.

And it got me to thinking
The enemy is not here
Killing and dying
Tired and scared
But the ones who have sent us
Those who’ll never know war
Those who sent off their children
They’re the ones we should kill.

Well it’s Christmas 19 and 14
And I just met some boys they want me to kill 
It’s Christmas 19 and 14 
Too small a break from this terrible hell.

Well it’s Christmas 19 and 14 
And I just met some boys they want me to kill
It’s Christmas 19 and 14
Too short a peace in this terrible hell.  

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