Washington Irving
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August 1914

Un concept album sulle guerre del XX secolo. La copertina è il dipinto "The Inexorable Flow of History" di Jakub Rozalski
I don’t want to need you
I hold myself like an older man
Do you know where they are taking us to?
I fear the sea and this cursed land

You know how I love a battle
And how I’ve drunk myself in shape
Can you hear the death train rattle
To the abattoir the wise have made

I no longer know you but I see your lips shape my name
You’re standing by the frozen railing, may I never arrive forever amen
I’ll drink my way down to London and hear the sighs I never heard
You’re speaking with the darkness and I can hear every word

The evil of others has led us to take this desperate course
I hold out my hands from the death train filled with fear and the great remorse

This is all I ever wanted as I put my jacket on
I am fearless of the future, it couldn’t be any worse than now
I alight at the blacked out station, there is no-one else around
When I was young, men were different before the secrets of the earth were found

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