We Are All Going to Die

Washington Irving
Lingua: Inglese

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Un concept album sulle guerre del XX secolo. La copertina è il dipinto "The Inexorable Flow of History" di Jakub Rozalski
Like before you never speak your pretty mind
Another war looms over all of mankind
You don’t blink the dust from the sky
Our love sinks through the concrete and the rubber tyres

This is how I’ll spend my good time above ground
Strapped to machines trying to eek out the love I have found
Don’t run you can’t fix it with a gunshot in the night
Take the train of humanness to human night

Take their land, exterminate all of the brutes
Smile at me, dividing the great from the good
When I call, a dead man answers me
With a voice he recorded on his old machine

Our love is cold like the void between my world and yours
My heart is broken by the blood of an everywhere war
Can you hear the sound our approaching doom?
It’s all around it shakes everyone in this room
Sparks fly up but never to heaven go
Pray to God, the conductor screams through the phone

We are all going to die

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