Let's Have War For Christmas

Sara Rose
Lingua: Inglese

Sara Rose è l'autore n° 2000 delle Canzoni Contro la Guerra

Sara Rose is the author nr 2000 of the Antiwar Songs website

From The Anti-War Song Book - Political Parodies of Classic Songs

To the tune of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" by Bing Crosby
(As sung by pResident Dubya Bush:)

(instrumental intro)

Let’s have war for Christmas.
Let’s bomb rocks and sand.
What’s the point of Peace On Earth?
Goodwill To Men’s so bland!

Let’s have war for Christmas,
Have a killing spree.
We’ll have war for Christmas,
How much fun it will be!

Palestine and Israel
And the Taliban
Don’t need peace this Christmas time.
It’s just not in their plans.

No one cares ‘bout Christmas
In the Middle East.
So we’ll have war for Christmas.
It’s much more fun than peace!

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