The Exit-Plan Rock

Vern Nelson
Lingua: Inglese

Vern Nelson

(tune of Jingle-Bell Rock, Nelson 2007)

Yeah … that was one of the songs we sang at various malls, and also Ed Royce’s office I believe, that December of 2007. I like to think the song helped convince candidate Obama that getting out of Iraq should be a big part of his campaign, which he has pretty much followed through on to a large degree. (To be fair, Barack was right on Iraq from the beginning, if you remember his 2002 speech as an Illinois state senator.)

Too bad he feels he has to compensate by doubling down on the pointless, endless war in Afghanistan.
Bring ‘em back bring ‘em back bring ‘em back home,
Pack ‘em in trucks and shlepp ‘em in jeeps,
Squeeze ‘em in humvees, a dozen to one,
Now your Exit Plan has begun!
Bring ‘em back bring ‘em back bring ‘em back home,
Here a battalion, there a platoon,
Fly home that jet plane as full as you dare,
thru the frosty air!

It’s the right time, yes it’s high time,
to end this dumbass war!
Turn our Bradleys into ploughshares:
We ain’t gonna study war no more!
Bring ‘em back bring ‘em back bring ‘em back home,
Ship ‘em home ‘round the clock;
With all dispatch snatch ’em out of Iraq,
That’s your Exit Plan, that’s our Exit Plan,
that’s the Exit Plan Rock!

12/8/2013 - 23:03

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