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Lyrics and Music by Stuart Walker
Album: Get Rich Quick
Get Rich Quick

Stuart Walker a.k.a. Gumbo is a U.S. based singer/songwriter.
His song "Warmongers" is a light hearted song rooted in the hypocrisy of the Christian Vote.

"I want to know what happens when the Warmongers pass over.
I want to see their faces".

PeterAtPearlyGates Dick Cheney
I'm going up to St Peter
And tell him «I wanna wait
I wanna see those warmongers
As they approach the Gate»
The Gate of Heaven is -open wide
If you can but walk through...
Whatever you got inside of you
Is gonna speak for you
(Come and tell us about yourself, son)
(Now's the time)


St Peter just looked at me and
Then he smiled he said:
« Hey there brother just
Sit for a while
They won't be long
They won't be long
They won't be long...

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