Lies In The House Of Shame

Silent Civilian
Lingua: Inglese

Dal debut album "Rebirth Of The Temple", uscito nel maggio 2006.

Rebirth Of The Temple
Death in mass production, war crimes
Time for retribution, defy
How many will suffer your wrath
Your word has been broken, strike back
We will not die, for your new Reich
Jesus syndrome, forced opinion
Strength amongst us
Seeking justice for the families you've destroyed
Revolution, is in our eyes
We have spoken, for those who've died
Revolution, is in the air
Stained our nation, we must repair
Lies of mass production you sell
Gave the tax reduction to the wealth
Outsource work to line your pockets
Selling war to make your profit
Unemployment in the millions
Fifty thousand dead civilians
Media lies
Words of deceit
Our retirement
Lost on wall street
What do you have to say
To those you have betrayed
Deadly effects, minds have awoken
All you've achieved shames our nation
Security, gone on vacation

inviata da Alessandro - 9/7/2006 - 14:48

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