Gone With the Draft

Nat King Cole
Lingua: Inglese

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Scritto da Earl Dramin, Wesley Prince e Nat King Cole.‎
Incisa dal King Cole Trio
Testo trovato su WWII In American Music

Nat King Cole Trio

Il tipo magrolino veniva preso in giro da tutti, ma ora che arrivano le cartoline per la guerra le cose ‎stanno un po’ diversamente… Quelli col bel fisico sono tutti abili e arruolati mentre “Skinny” è ‎stato riformato ed è lui a ridere ora: il presidente Franklyn D. Roosevelt ha spedito tutti a ‎combattere e a morire in Europa e nel Pacifico mentre Skinny se n’è rimasto a casa a spupazzarsi la ‎sua bella Minnie…‎
Gone, gone, gone with the draft,
Gone, gone, gone with the draft, ‎
Gone, gone, gone with the draft... ‎

When skinny me went out with my honey
the boys all started to laugh
But now it's not so funny
they're all gone with the draft.‎

As a shiek I can't be beat‎
the boys all hand me a laugh
But since I have got flat feet
I'm not gone in the draft.‎

I used to envy the fellows ‎
who had such fine physiques
But all they can say is "Hello" ‎
on seven-fifty a week.‎

When the boys get back and see how I'm doin'
they'll be sorry they laughed
‎'Cause one can't keep on wooing ‎
and still be gone with the draft.‎

When Franklyn D did sign the draft, ‎
the cats all had a chill
The boys turned pale and ceased to laugh
‎'cause this is a serious bill.‎

They now realize that skinny me ‎
was the luckiest one of all
Who can stay at home with Minnie
while they face the cannon balls.‎

So boys, take it on the chin
and always wear a smile
You'll find it hard to win ‎
carryin' fifty pounds for miles.‎

When your year of drill is up
you get your calves discharged,
You can come back home and freshen up‎
and run around at large.‎

Gone, gone, gone, gone ‎
with the draft, draft, draft, draft…‎

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