Bombs Away

Blow Up Hollywood
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: "The Diaries of Private Henry Hill"(2006)
The Diaries of Private Henry Hill

Based on the journals of Henry Hill, a soldier who died tragically in the Iraq War, this concept album narrates a first-hand account of the transformation of a real man from citizen to soldier to killer to martyr.


Basato sui diari di Henry Hill, un soldato morto tragicamente nella guerra in Iraq, questo concept album รจ un racconto di prima mano della trasformazione di un uomo reale da cittadino a soldato ad assassino a martire.

The Pledge - WMD - Bombs Away - Charge - Shock and Awe (instrumental) - Puppet - Salvation - Shots Fire - Requiem (instrumental) - TDK (instrumental)

Bombs away oh bombs away
how i love the sound of you
bombs away
oh bombs away
what else are we supposed to do
I want to drop my bombs on you
I want to see the damage they can do

Bombs away
oh bombs away
it's music to my ears
bombs away
oh bombs away
let's bomb this city back a thousand years

7/1/2012 - 22:17

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