My American Prayer

Lingua: Inglese

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Breed the Killer

Yup we got it going on.
Race in the mix and the melting pot's hot!
Well, I don't know where you're at,
but I know where I've always been:
Downset at the bottom with my underclass freedom.
The birth of this nation,
birth of the systematic jack,
from land grab to whips across black's back.
No progress money means more humanity less,
nothing done changed in this land of soaked bloodshed.
Liberty only to an economic few,
patriarchal tradition to economically gaffle you fool.
Racism? Guilty! Thievery? Guilty! Sexisme? Guilty!
Executed traditionally.
Living in the shadow of five centuries misery,
homie blind forced in your game choked equality.
Why am I gonna be like that?
Why must I pack that vocal gat,
because off the blood of humanity your pockets are getting fat?
This is America the hatefull!
I'm gonna be down to live this protest!
I'm gonna be down to die this protest!
America better check itself before it wrecks itself,
because differences seem to be bad for its health.
Black! White! Yellow!
Brown! Christian and Muslim! Heterosexual! Homosexual!
All want to get some.
Democrat! Republican!

They putting that work in, Aryan nation!
5% nation! Native American wants division.
Man's diversity is American's biggest enemy!
Niggas! Woods!
And ese's stifled with apathy.
Standing strong like a soldier, struggling like a soldier,
taking bullets of hatred watching my soul get colder.
Circumstances dance on interracial romance,
separatist fist bomb on this love at first chance.
America taught me to hate you!
America taught me to hate you!
Taking shot at the external even though I never knew you.
Will you fade and follow doubtless next in the death rate,
or love suffocate beneath this fashion of hate!
I was taught to hate you and you weer taught to hate me!
Love sees no color, but America always will.
Humanity means nothing in this place where we learn to kill.
I don't believe in this hatred anymore...
Red, White and Blue is gonna kill you!
I throw the brick of my protest through the window of your inhumane corruption,
and watch the fragments of your greed shatter to the frigid
ground...and it's like that!
Martin Luther King! Ruben Salezar!
Malcolm X! John F. Kenedy!
Red, White and Blue is gonna kill you!

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