Let Them Stay

Sara Marlowe
Lingua: Inglese

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A song to support the US War Resisters seeking refuge in Canada.
When 3 simple little words can change the world
We gotta scream, we gotta shout and make sure those 3 little words are heard
No more waiting, time for us to say
Let them stay, let them stay

So every war has its heroes, this one's nothing new
But the definition is different from what we're taught in school
And there are heroes among us today
We gotta let them stay, let them stay

They're allowed to kill, but not allowed to say no
Allowed to take life, but not allowed to decide their own
But they don't want to kill and they don't want to die
For a lie that will never go away
Let them stay, let them stay

We should be throwin' flowers at their feet and holding a parade
They shouldn't have to be on the run, they shouldn't have to be hidden away
When this is all over, I want to be able to say
We let them stay, we let them stay
Just like Vietnam
Let them stay

inviata da adriana - 12/2/2006 - 20:22

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