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[April 2004]
Lyrics and music by David Rovics
From the album, or song collection, "For the moment"
For the moment

April, 2005

I had a great show a while back in Olympia, Washington and met Pat Maley there. I was recording a few new songs at his studio to put on the web, and at some point he suggested that I put out my next CD on his label, Yoyo Records. Thinking that to be a great idea, I went about figuring out what I wanted to do about that, and this is the end result.

Four cities were involved in this decisively non-Luddite production. I recorded vocal and guitar tracks in Houston, and Kristine Pettersen (Thistle) did harmony vocals later in the same place, Sugar Hill Studios with John Griffin engineering. I sent the sound files up to Boston and in Tenitus Studios my friend Sean Staples laid down bass, mandolin, bouzouki, electric guitar, dobro and nylon string guitar tracks and Dave Westner engineered and also played bass, electric guitar and percussion on various tracks.

Professor D and I recorded "Falluja" with Spinister engineering at the studios of the Dope Poet Society in Toronto and we sent those tracks on to Pat in Olympia, and folks in Boston and Houston sent in their tracks, and then Pat mixed and mastered the whole thing to put out on his label.

Since I had it in mind to do a CD with a somewhat new musical treatment than previous recordings (maybe somewhere in between Return and Songs for Mahmud), I thought it would be cool to do new versions of a few songs from previous releases as well as 12 previously unrecorded (mostly new) songs.

It seemed too bulky to include all the lyrics in the liner notes, but you can read lyrics, download lots of free audio, video, and sheet music, buy CD's and songbooks, look at my calendar and links to other artists, sign up on my email list, etc., by going to

There are far too many people to thank, and I've never been very good at remembering the myriad of people out there I feel thankful for. (I sure do feel thankful for them, though, and I hope they all know who they are.) But I'll pick just one. The older I get, the more I think my songwriting seems to resemble Jim Page's stuff.

Maybe I'm the only one who hears that, I don't know. In any case, though I hardly ever see him out there on the west coast or wherever he is at the time, since I discovered Jim's music 15 years ago I have never been the same, and his brilliant musical lens is still the main one through which I view the craft of songwriting, and a fair number of other subjects as well.

Hope to see you on the road and in the streets!

I saw it in a photo
It said all I need to know
It's an image that has followed me
Wherever I may go
When I stare into your eyes
I can only guess at where you've been
Looking at the skyline of Berlin

The buildings are all shattered
As in a silent roar
The streets are all just rubble
The year is 1944
I guess I just don't understand
This world we live in
As I'm looking at the skyline of Berlin

When I look into your face
I can hear the dying cries
And the sadness of the world
Reflected in your deep blue eyes
The picture of a city
Flattened like a tin
Looking at the skyline of Berlin

You can talk about the blitz
And all those good people gone
You can claim you were fighting evil
You can ask which side I'm on
But all I see is horror
A war only death would win
When I'm looking at the skyline of Berlin

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