The People's Money - Part 2

Chemical Mike
Lingua: Inglese

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God Bless BS
(Chemical Mike)
The People's Money
(Chemical Mike)

Lyrics by Chemical Mike.

"This is part two of "The People's Money". Hope you all like it. I went more a more electronic sound this time, so no guitar in this one. I mixed it all down on a laptop, with some cheap headphones and a very low grade sound card, so the sound levels.
The story is quite simple really. You just gotta watch the news and go online. Besides it's all in good fun anyways, so you right wingers lighten up okay?
(Money… money … money)
I love money stealin' the money

Everybody loves you and so do I
and by the way I love the people as well,
we affirm it again today.
Keep sending your tax dollars
in the war on terror,
We need to help people with their hearts and their souls,
and the only way to find that help
is in their pockets.
Recognise that the money we spend here isn't the governments money,
it's the people's money.
and that's why I've argued,
uhh,.. we should tax them
the first attack came by plane,
the second will come by banking system
the largest tax increase in the world
will talk effect immediately.

And by the way to ensure our nations security,
let's make these higher taxes permanent.
I know this will be
a monumental struggle on the low income families
but nevertheless, my friends are are rich and powerful,
and frankly.., we don't really care.
so fuck you all very much.

I love money
Everybody loves you and so do I
I love money

I will draft a new constitution based solely on corporate profit,
fascism, death and torture,
and the fifth and most important step;
I will live and lead by these principals
damn the consequences,
give me the pen
I will sap the soul
and drain the spirit from our citizens
and when I speak
you will know my heart,…

I want to lead a nation of corporate slaves
and therefore I will lead the American people
toward a culture
where freedom itself
is under attack. And I pray they will be comforted
by a power greater than any of us.. ME!!
Many ask what can I do to help in our fight.
I ask for your patience.
I will draft many Americans,
maybe as soon as this week.
I also have a follow up message
we will transform America
into the maximum security prison of the future,
just like in the movies.
Whatever it costs we will pay.
I think that will restore confidence to the American people.

DJ Cheney on the turntable,
MC George Dubya on the mic.

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