Steady As She Goes

Brian McNeill
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “No Gods”

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Una canzone sulla quotidiana e feroce guerra che gli uomini fanno alle donne…
And it's steady as she goes
Where she's bound no man knows
No more tears will fall, she's answering the call
Of the lonely pride that's all she has to show
And her heart beats steady as she goes

She sits in the dark, trying hard not to blame
She's too hurt for sleeping, and she's long done with weeping
But the face in the mirror bears the marks of his shame
On her wedding day so bonny, now there's just one bruise too many

There's nothing left to win, and there's nothing much to lose
Life used to be a breeze, now it's just a bruise
In an hour he'll be home, full of failure and full of booze
Once more the blows will land, till he's shown he's a man

She takes the ribbons from the photographs
Silver frames and souvenirs
And then she stops because the hardest thing
Is suddenly so clear
To make a ribbon of her tears
Tie it round the wasted years

She puts out the light, takes her case from the floor
Pulls the ring from her finger, doesn't trust herself to linger
But the questions they come hard as she stares at the door
Is it now or is it never, and a broken heart forever

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