Lines In The Sand

Randy Newman
Lingua: Inglese

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Released in 1991 as a promo-only cassette in protest of the Gulf War.

Lines in the sand
Oh, sons and daughters
Sail 'cross the sea
Fight now for justice
And liberty
Fly 'cross the ocean
A friend needs a hand
You must try to defend their
Lines in the sand.
Deep in the desert
Evening draws nigh
Brave sons and daughters
Look to the sky
The blood of these children
A stain on the land
If they die to defend some
Lines in the sand.
We old men will guide you
Though we won't be there beside you
We wish you well
We wish you well.
Oh sons and daughters
Listen to me
March on to Glory
And Victory
The whole world will watch
As you make your brave stand
As you try to defend the
Lines in the sand.

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