Women For Peace

Nalini Lasiewicz
Lingua: Inglese

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Da: "The Balkan Peace Album"

The Balkan Peace Album
(p) 2000 Lasiewicz Foundation
Tel: (323) 668-1811

Written and performed by Nalini
© 1999 Nalini Lasiewicz

Women For Peace


Questa canzone, che è la n° 1981 della nostra raccolta, è dedicata con amore a Manuela, nata nel 1981. Il 15 febbraio, giorno in cui Boris Vian scrisse Le Déserteur.

This song, which is number 1981 in our database collection of Antiwar Songs, is dedicated with love to Manuela, born 1981. On February 15th, the same day Boris Vian wrote Le Déserteur.

You're standing in the kitchen.
It's the only warm room.
Getting ready to go out
though a part of you, doesn't want to.

You remember your childhood,
When the world was at war.
And now it's happening all over
How could anyone, take any more?

Put your black coat on. Take the signs you've
Drawn - Join the ladies, downtown….
Becoming Women for Peace
Down in the street.
Women for Peace
Out on the street.

You've given more than you bargained.
How many tears did you cry?
Now you march in his memory
telling anyone, who happens by.

Some will curse you with glances
In a mob, you only feel fear.
Then you hear someone whisper,
"I'm so grateful that, you're always here!"

Pick a day to start, speak out from your heart
You're no longer alone!

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 15/6/2005 - 13:19

You can hear the entire song at this website:

Thank you for posting it!

Nalini Lasiewicz - 3/5/2006 - 20:00

Thank you, Nalini, for your contribution...and for your songs, of course. Please feel free to contribute your songs at any moment !

Riccardo Venturi - 3/5/2006 - 23:34

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