The Ballad of Steven No-Nukes Willard

Clan Dyken
Lingua: Inglese

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Dall'album "Bush League hits"
testo e musica di Bear Dyken

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"The Ballad of Steven (No Nukes) Willard is a true story song based on a friend and activist who went back country to stop a nuclear weapons test and gave his life for the cause. Features the beautiful voice of Windsong Martin from southern Oregon."
i met him out at mercury nevada
about sixty miles from glitter town
where the people frolic with thier money
while the heavy shit is going down
the lights flash and the bells ring
they play the hollow parady
laugh and drink and dance and play and sing
buying and selling thier dignity
towers of light and illusion
pyramid and laser beam
meanwhile at mercury nevada
mother earth bleeds and screams

no nukes, for the healing of the nations
no nukes, he gave his meditations
no nukes, for the future generations

he said his name was steven willard
and he’d come to take a standto seek the truth and look it in the eyes
fast and pray for the land
to feel the pain so deep so dark
make you fall down and cry
cut off his hair and he sat down there
i saw him sitting with his head held high
i saw him sitting the next morning
at that line drawn in the sand
he was still sitting when i left the next day
a solitary, extraordinary man


most people don’t even wanna knowsome people wanna turn their heads away
some topics are too scary or depressing
might spoil your breakfast on this beautiful day
but when you’ve seen it down in your soulis there any proper way to act?
next time i looked into his eyes
i knew he wasn’t turning backhe head it tattooed on his big strong arm
changed his name to no nukes

(alternate chorus)
no nukes, trying to do what is right
no nukes, come to dedicate his life
no nukes, saw him praying on the line

he didn’t want to be a herohe was just following his heart
and it led him to ground zero
and ground zero left it’s markfor a year he carried the pain
and he never said a word
then a tumor was discovered in his brain
that was the last thing that i heard
the great sadness we all must face
unknowable cost of a nuclear arms race
we circled and sang him to the other side
i saw him smile just before he died

no nukes, i’ll say it once againno nukes, he was a warrior to the end
no nukes, gonna miss you my dear freind

no nukes, he was righteous all along
no nukes, he was brave and he stayed strong
no nukes, come to dedicate this song to you

no nukes, no nukes, no nukes, no nukes, no nukes, no nukes.........................

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