Deep Blue Sea

Lingua: Inglese

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Trovata sulla Max Hunter Folk Song Collection dell'Università del Missouri, nella versione cantata nel 1970 da tal Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas.

Tristirrima 'sta canzone! Potrebbe forse risalire al 1917, anno del coinvolgimento statunitense nel primo conflitto mondiale...
I once't had a sweetheart
Sweetheart brave an' true
His hair was dark an' curly
His lovin' eyes was blue

They took him away
To th awful German war
An' when he came to say, goodbye
My heart did overflow

He took a golden finger ring
Placed it on my hand
Said, remember me little darlin'
When I'm in no-mans-land

It was on a Sunday evenin'
About th hour of three
When my darlin', start to leave me
Sail on th deep blue sea

He promised to write me a letter
Promised to be true
When I read his letters
I pray th war is thru

My Mother's dead, in Heaven
My Father's forsaken me
I have no one to love me
But th sailor on th deep blue sea

The second letter I got from him
The war was just ahead
The next letter I got from him
My darlin' Bill, was dead

I'll keep all of his letters
I'll keep his gold ring too
An' always live a single life
For th boy who was so true

So, fare you well, dear friends
That's th last you'll see of me
For I'm going to end my troubles
By drownin' in th deep blue sea

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