Rape (Tactic Of War)

Lingua: Inglese

written, performed & produced by Funmental
from the album "Why America Will Go To Hell"
© 1999 Nation Records Ltd

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rape by soldiers of women has a long history. the crusaders in the 12th century raped women in the name of religion. in the 15th century the so called conquest of the Americas saw the mass rape of indigenous women by the invading forces. English soldiers in the 18th century systematically raped Scottish women during the subjugation of Scotland. rape was a weapon of terror used by the German army in the first world war. a weapon of revenge by the Soviet army in the second world war. half a century ago rape in war was outlawed by the Geneva convention which states..

"women shall be especially protected against rape, enforced prostitution, or any form of indecent assault."

rape may be outlawed under the international rules governing conflicts, but women are being raped, terrorized, degraded and violated in every modern conþict on the planet. women are raped because their bodies are seen as the legitimate spoils of war. rape by combatants is an act of torture and clearly prohibited by rules of war and by international human rights law. yet few governments or armed opposition groups have taken action to prevent rape during conþicts. women have been raped in their homes by soldiers from their own town or strangers passing through. women prisoners have been raped by soldiers and guards in detention centres. women have been raped in an organised and systematic way: they have been imprisoned in hotels and other buildings specially so that they could be raped by soldiers. soldiers from all sides in the conþict have become rapists and women from all backgrounds have been victims.

the sexual abuse of women has been part of a wider pattern of warfare characterized by intimidation and abuse. rape is not an accident of war, or an accidental adjunct to armed conflict. its widespread use in times of conflict reþects the special terror it holds for women. the special contempt it displays for its victims. the use of rape in conflicts reþects the inequalities women face in their everyday lives in peacetime. until governments live up to their obligations to ensure equality and end discrimination against women rape will continue to be a favourite weapon of the aggressor yet have any of them thought how it would feel if it was one of their own who were the victim?

16/11/2004 - 15:38

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